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Grain is the best way to share what actually happened during a Zoom call using short video highlights, time-stamped notes, and transcripts.

Grain will automatically import and transcribe your Zoom recordings so you can create video highlights directly from the transcript in seconds.

Grain will sync the notes you take with our desktop notepad with the recording and transcript of the moment you took them so you can easily remember the moments you want to share.

You can use Grain in two ways:

The best part is you can use Grain for free—forever.

Check out our subscriptions here to find the best plan for the needs of your team.

How do I get started?

Simply go to Grain.co and enter the email address associated with your Zoom account.

Is Grain just another video conference provider?

No, Grain works with your existing video conferencing platform (Zoom) and ensures that all of the most important information from those calls is saved and shared.

Who uses Grain?

From researchers to marketers, Grain is used by anyone that needs to capture the most important moments of any conversation. We've seen a variety of different job functions rely on Grain for:

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