Create your account

To create a new Grain account, head over to and click "Try Grain"

Download the desktop app

Next, you'll need to download the Grain desktop app. Grain supports Mac OS 10.14 or later, and Windows 10.

Once you install the application, you will need to sign in to the desktop app.

Join or Create your workspace

If you have been invited to a workspace, you will be prompted to join it.

If you are creating a new workspace, name it something that will be instantly recognized by the people you invite later to share recording highlights with. Usually, workspaces are named after a company or organization you work for.

Import recordings to Grain (Optional)

You may want to hit the ground running and import a few recordings to your Grain workspace.

To upload a recording, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail and select "Import"

NEXT: Key Features

Now, that you're ready to use Grain during and after you record Zoom calls, let's read about the features and benefits of Grain.

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