To create a new Grain account, go to, enter your email, and click "Sign up with Zoom."

Grain will need access to the settings on your Zoom account listed on the Authorization page seen below.

Next, you'll need to download the Grain desktop app. Grain supports Mac OS 10.14 or later, and Windows 10.

Once you install the application, you will need to sign in to the desktop app with your same Zoom account.

Your desktop app is ready for your next call when it displays "Grain is on"

Back on your browser, you will be prompted with several educational animations.

Now when you press Record in Zoom, Grain will import and transcribe your existing and future recordings automatically. By default, all imported recordings will be private and only visible to you.

Then, you will name your workspace (unless you’ve already been invited to join an existing workspace).

We recommend naming your workspace something that will be instantly recognized by the people you invite later to share recording highlights with. Usually, workspaces are named after a company or organization you work for.

After you name your workspace, you will have the option to upload a sample recording as a way to practice using Grain.

With this sample recording, you will create your first shareable highlight. You can create a highlight in seconds by selecting the text in the transcript that relates to the portion of the video you wish to share.

Every recording highlight has its own unique link you can share with anyone. This link will give them access only to the segment of the recording that was selected in the transcript.

If you wish to share the entire recording, you can make it available to every member in your workspace or share it with individual guests by entering their email.

To import previous Zoom meetings (pre-Grain), go to your main recordings page and scroll down to the "Unimported Recordings" section.

To upload a recording, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail and select "Import"

Now, that you're ready to use Grain during and after you record Zoom calls, let's read about the features and benefits of Grain.

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