The Grain desktop app allows users to upload their Zoom meetings to Grain, and take time-stamped notes.

If you do not already have the desktop app, you can download it here.

Once you have downloaded the desktop app, you will need to sign in with your Zoom account.

Your desktop app is ready for your next call when it displays "Grain is on"

After you "Enable Grain Live (Beta)", you will be able to take time-stamped notes during your meetings.

When you are the host of a Zoom meeting and recording, the notepad below will appear. To save a timestamp, take a note and press enter.

To use the emojis, you can use keyboard shortcuts (cmd+1, 2, 3, 4....) or click on them with your cursor.

To change your desktop app settings, navigate to the desktop menu bar.

You can use the menu bar to modify settings such as:

  • Change your notepad reactions

  • Change your local recording directory

  • Zoom live streaming

  • Show Grain during screen share

  • Capture all Zoom recordings

  • Clean up hard drive after local upload, and more...

Within "Preferences" you can access many of these settings.

Change your notepad reactions

To customize the reactions (emoji) panel on your desktop notepad, open "Preferences" then click on the "Reactions" tab. From there you can change the emoji corresponding with the keyboard shortcut.

Change your local recording directory

If you record Zoom meetings locally and do not use the standard (Documents/Zoom) directory path, you will need to point the Grain desktop app to the correct location where you store your recordings. Otherwise, Grain will not be able to upload your past or future recordings.

To do this, go to "Preferences" --> "App" --> "Zoom Directory and Recording Settings". Then point the folder to your directory where your local recordings are stored. If you store your recordings on Dropbox or iCloud, this counts as a non-standard directory.

Zoom Live streaming

To turn on/off Zoom Live Streaming, go to "Preferences" --> "Account" --> "Show LIVE label on Zoom". If you do not have a Zoom Pro (paid) account, you will not have Zoom Live Streaming. To learn more about Zoom Live Streaming, see this article.

Show Grain during Screen Share

To automatically hide your notepad from screen share during a Zoom call, go to "App" and then "Hide Grain from Screen Capture". For more details see this article.

Capture all Zoom recordings

If you do not want all of your Zoom meetings automatically uploaded to Grain, go to "Preferences" --> "Account" --> "Capture all Zoom recordings". Turning this toggle off will stop the automatic import. If you turn this off, you will not be able to utilize the "Grain Live" notepad, and you will have to upload your recordings via the "Unimported Recordings" section. For more information on importing recordings, see this article.

Clean up hard drive after local upload

To save space on your hard drive, Grain can automatically delete your local recordings after they are uploaded to the web app. To turn this setting on/off, go to "Preferences" --> "App" --> "Clean up hard drive after local upload". You can always download your calls back off of the web app.

Lesser known features of the desktop app:

  • Open recording after meeting ends

  • Show Grain

  • My Recordings

  • About Grain

  • Check for Updates

Open recording after meeting ends

By default, Grain will open the web app automatically after your meeting. If you would like to turn this setting off, you can do so at "Preferences" --> "App" --> "Open recording after meeting ends"

Show Grain

If you are having a hard time finding the Grain desktop app & notepad during a meeting, you can always click on the menu dropdown and select "Show Grain". You can also use the keyboard shortcut command + shift + '

My Recordings

To view all your Grain recordings on the web app, you can select "My Recordings" from the desktop dropdown menu and you will be directed to

About Grain

By clicking on the "About Grain" menu dropdown, you can check which account you are signed into Grain with, your Grain app version, user ID, and other important details. This information is especially helpful if you are filing a support issue. You can copy & share all the information easily via the "Copy Details" link at the bottom of the window.

Check for Updates

By selecting the "Check for Updates" dropdown on the desktop menu, you can check for and download new updates to the desktop application. If you are having any issues with the desktop app/notepad, it is recommended to check for updates and to see if the issue persists.

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