The Grain web app is where your recordings live and where you can create, share, download, and search for highlights and recordings. In the Grain web app, you can:

  • Create highlights

  • Share highlights and entire recordings

  • Download content (transcriptions, highlights, and entire recordings)

  • Categorize recordings by tag

  • Search and locate recordings, transcriptions, and highlights

  • Collaborate internally with team members in a shared workspace

Create Highlights

Create highlights by selecting text in the transcription and clicking 'Create Highlight',

Share Highlights and Entire Recordings

Share Highlights

To share a highlight, click the 'Copy Highlight Link" button on the top right corner of the highlight. This is a public link that allows you to share the highlight with anyone and on any channel. The video will unfurl directly into Slack, Notion, iMessage, Twitter, Coda, and other applications.

Share Entire Recordings

To share an entire recording, click the "Share" button in the top right corner. You can share the calls with people outside of your workspace by entering their email and pressing send. They will receive a link with the entire recording, transcription, and highlights.

Download Content

Download Transcriptions, Highlights, & Recordings

Organize Recordings by Tags

Organize recordings by tagging the recordings with keywords. You can search for recordings using these tags by selecting your 'Recordings' folder.

Search through Highlights, Tags, and Transcriptions

Using the Search function in the lefthand toolbar, you can search through recordings, tags, highlights, and transcriptions. The searches can be sorted by Relevancy, Recording Date, and Highlight Count. You can also organize the results based on All Recordings, Shared Recordings, or Private Recordings.

Collaborate in a Shared Workspace

Share Recordings within Grain

You can share entire recordings by using the "Share" button in the top right corner of the recording page. You can share the recording with the entire workspace by pressing the toggle next to the workspace, or share with a select team member by entering their email (the shared recording will show up in their 'Shared Recordings folder').

Invite members to your workspace

To invite members to your own workspace copy the Invite Link in your Workspace Settings, and send the link to your teammates. The users you invite will receive an invitation via email to join your workspace.

Option #2: Direct them to sign-up at (requires "Anyone with my domain can join the workspace" to be turned on under workspace settings).

Once a new user signs up to your workspace, if you are part of a paid subscription to Grain, you can choose whether this new user will have a license added to their account by changing the toggle next to their name.

If you need to manage their membership or license later, you can do so in the 'Members' section of your Workspace Settings.

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