After creating a Grain Highlight, you can share the link to view in the browser or embed it.

There are two ways to embed a Highlight:

Embedding a Highlight in supported platforms

When pasted into certain applications that support highlight embeds, the Grain highlight will show up as an embedded player.

List of Applications that Support Highlight Embeds:

• Slack
• Notion
• Medium
• Confluence
• Twitter

Here's an example of a Grain highlight embedding directly into a Slack channel:

Embedding a Highlight using an iframe

You can also share your Highlight on a website by embedding an iframe.

For this, you'll need to:

  • Get the Highlight id from the shareable link by copying the alphanumeric string that follows /highlight/ in the shareable link.

  • Replace the placeholder <id from highlight> in the iframe code below with your Highlight id.

    <iframe src="<id from highlight>?autoplay=false&show_engagement=true" height="364" width="576" allow="fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  • Insert the iframe on your website! 🎉

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