Starting a new recording using Grain

While in a meeting, there are a few prerequisites to starting a recording with Grain:

  1. You must be the host or have permission to record

  2. The recording must be started with 'Record to the Cloud' (requires a Zoom Pro account)

Provided both are true, you'll see this screen when opening up Grain from the Zoom Apps tab:

Once you start the recording on the cloud -- or, someone else in your Grain workspace begins a cloud recording in a Zoom meeting you both are attending -- you'll be able to collaboratively take notes and create highlights to share after the recording is completed and processed.

Taking Notes and Highlighting Important Moments During a Recorded Zoom Call

Taking Notes

Once a recording has started, you can create notes as the recording continues. You will see a timestamp tick up to the left of the notes field indicating where your note will be placed

Quick Reactions

The emojis along the bottom are fast ways to take notes. Simply click one, or hover. over them to learn their hotkeys and you'll be able to quickly react to a point in the call

Creating Highlights

To create a highlight of a moment to share after the recording is completed, hover over the note at any point and hit the 'Create' highlight button (seen below)

Ending a recording

To stop a recording, end the recording or meeting as you normally would in Zoom

Reviewing and sharing your work

When not in a meeting, you can view your recent recordings by opening Grain via the apps tab. There, you can open a recording or your workspace in a browser by selecting a recording or pressing the Open Workspace button.

If you have any issues using the Grain for Zoom App, see Troubleshooting & FAQs below or contact Grain Support.

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