Creating shareable highlights from your Zoom meetings is what users love most about Grain. Why watch an hour-long recorded meeting when you can watch a few snippets of the most important moments?

Depending on how your brain works best, we offer two different ways to create a Highlight:

  • During the call, using the live transcript in your browser or the Desktop App


  • After the call has ended, in your Workspace.

Create a Highlight during the call

To automatically create a Highlight during the call, all you need to do is make a note using the Desktop app at the moment you want the highlight to be created. Grain predicts when the highlight began and will end based on the conversation.

Create a Highlight after the call has ended

  1. Log in to your Workspace and click on the Recording you’re creating highlights from.

  2. Create a highlight by selecting text in the transcript and then clicking “Create Highlight.”

Pro tip: Make sure the transcript is accurate before creating the highlight.

Create highlight.gif

Add custom context to your Highlights

Your Highlights will automatically be captioned with the corresponding text from the transcript, but by clicking the pre-generated caption you can edit the text to say anything you like. This won’t affect the text in the transcript.

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